Fernandez, Natalie - Nuestro Tango


  Fernandez, Natalie
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  Nuestro Tango
  Truth Revolution Records

The passion and the fervor of Tango and Candombe
begin from the same place,
share the same pulse,
beating from the same drum.
This is Our Tango, Nuestro Tango,
from the new generation of immigrant families
with roots still firm in the musical soil of their homeland,
raised in the American musical melting pot.
Here is our own musical contribution to that interpretation.
We hope you enjoy it.

La pasion y el fervor del Tango y Candombe
vienen del mismo lugar,
comparten el mismo pulso,
retumban del mismo tambor.
Esto es Nuestro Tango,
de la nueva generacion musical de familias inmigrantes
con sus raices enterradas en la musica de su tierra
surgido de la fusion de culturas Nortesamericanas.
Esta es nuestra contribucion musical de esa interpretacion.
Ojala que les gusten.

-Natalie Fernandez

We thank you for all your love and support throughout the years. You have made the Curtis Brothers projects possible. When making an album of music, there are many people and artists involved. Like any work of art, there are many people and artists involved. Like any work of art, it requires sacrifice, hard work, time, and community support. Much respect to those that found it in their hearts to become a part of our revolution and make this possible. We hope that this music brings you happiness, a sense of love, and helps you forget all that is ailing you in this present time. Natalie does a fantastic job and deserves all of the anticipated recognition that will come from this album. This recording also represents the re-emergence of Insight. This new instrumentation and these musical arrangements are both new and special for us, creating this new adventure that has just begun. Individually and collectively shaped by our original style and approach. With much love and respect, we present "Nuestro Tango", "Our Tango".

-Zaccai Curtis


1. Azabache (5:01)
2. El Dia Que Me Quieras (4:12)
3. Adios Nonino (5:46)
4. Afrotangojazz (3:20)
5. Malena (6:35)
6. My True Love (4:54)
7. Free Me (4:50)
8. El Viaje Del Negro (4:09)
9. Nostalgias (7:37)
10. Un Semejante (4:35)