Mapfumo, Thomas - Lion Songs - Essential Tracks in the Making of Zimbabwe


  Mapfumo, Thomas
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  Lion Songs - Essential Tracks in the Making of Zimbabwe
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Thomas Mapfumo, the Lion of Zimbabwe, stands beside Fela Kuti, Youssou N’Dour and Franco as one of Africa’s greatest and most consequential composer/bandleaders. For over 40 years, he has merged ancient African traditions – especially that of the sacred metal-pronged Shona mbira – into the currents of international music, from rock to reggae and rap. Mapfumo’s artfully barbed lyrics have targeted the racist regime of Ian Smith and the corrupt one of Robert Mugabe with equal resolve and courage. That’s the essence of chimurenga – the music of struggle: past, present and future.
This album is the audio companion to the book ‘Lion Songs: Thomas Mapfumo and the Music that Made Zimbabwe’ by Banning Eyre. These songs, recorded between 1973 and 2010, tell the story in unforgettable performances by the man and his extraordinary musicians, including unreleased tracks. Mapfumo himself provides context in excerpts from interviews with Eyre over a span of 30 years.


1. Mapfumo Speaks: "Hallelujah!" 0:51
2. Ngoma Yarira (The Drums Are Sounding) 2:08
3. Pamuromo Chete (It's Only Talk) 3:24
4. Mapfumo Speaks: "Mr. Smith" 0:25
5. Pfumvu Pa Ruzevha (Hardship In The Reserves) 4:28
6. Butsu Mutandrika (Oversized Boots) 3:45
7. Mapfumo Speaks: "No Consciousness" 0:33
8. Shumba (The Lion) 5:08
9. Chauya Chirizevha (Rural Life Is Back) 4:07
10. Mapfumo Speaks: "Revolutionary Songs" 0:48
11. Nyoka Musango (Snake In The Forest) 5:20
12. Magariro (Tradition) 4:29
13. Mapfumo Speaks: "Little Gods" 0:26
14. Corruption 8:24
15. Mapfumo Speaks: "Dying For Politics" 0:28
16. Jojo 4:48
17. Bukatiende (Wake Up, Let's Go) 5:00
18. Mapfumo Speaks: "Light At The End Of The Tunnel" 0:24
19. Ndiyani Waparadza Musha (Who Has Destroyed My Home?) 5:59
20. Mapfumo Speaks: "Stolen Land" 0:27
21. Marima Nzara (You Have Harvested Hunger) 6:37
22. Mapfumo Speaks: "A Good President" 0:53
23. Ndangariro (Remembering) 4:42