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  Indonesia Pop Nostalgia (LP)
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Subtitled: Pan-Indonesian Pop, Folk, Instrumentals & Children's Songs, 1970s-1980s. Indonesia Pop Nostalgia is an eclectic collection of inspired Indonesian folk and pop music culled from cassettes and vinyl recorded and released during the 1970s and 1980s. The music on this collection spans several contemporary popular genres - each inherently unique and born from very different cultural and geographical origins within the archipelago. All, however, are also vitally informed by Islamic, Arabic and South Asian popular and traditional music, alongside various Western musical fads -- a distinctly Indonesian blend that encompasses its histories of physical colonization, spiritual assimilation and economic and cultural exchanges. These tracks were never meant to stand next to each other. Nevertheless, here they are -- an unwitting union of nostalgic musical ephemera from the islands of Java and Sumatra, connected here to serve as one of many possible entry points into the gloriously diverse sounds of Indonesian folk-pop music. Featured: Three incredible synth-heavy funked-out rock grooves by child singers Ira Maya Sopha and Dina Mariana. Orkes Melayu Bulan Purnama with the instrumental track "Malam Joget" in fantastic space-age organ and synth parlance. Folk-rock mood-piece "Jangan Menghina" by Aria Junior. "Dikijoknyo" by Sumatran singer KIM, retelling the classic Bollywood song "Man Dole Mere Tan Dole" (from the 1954 film Nagin) in classic 1980s pop Minang style. The ethereal "Borondong Garingan," performed by legendary group Bimbo, a beautiful example of Sundanese pop music from western Java, at a time when it was first becoming electrified in the 1970s. Orkes Melayu Purnama's "Bangla Desh," a stunning high-drama gem, driven by haunted wind and thunder sound effects woven through a chilling buzz-guitar. Two essential Sumatran Minang instrumental tracks by the composer Kamar Ruddin Z., embodying a striking hybrid traditional/pop quality -- and more, totaling 12 tracks in 43 minutes on this LP. Limited pressing of 1,000. Compiled by Mark Gergis.